About Me

Hello! My name is Sarah and this is my personal blog.  I will hopefully fill this site with insanely interesting entries that will shock and amaze all who stumble upon them! But my history with journal keeping tells me that I am more likely to finish this About Me section, blog a couple times, and then fizzle.  Here’s hoping I can keep this blog going and have a million wonderful blog posts to look back on when I’m a happy old grandma.   My life is far from exciting and I find lots to complain about, but I’m a positive person and always looking to improve myself.  Expect to see lots of: recent graduate woes, cool science things, book reviews, things I love, and profound life thoughts.  Now on to the blogging!

(I bet in a month I will look back on this ambitious blurb and have a good laugh- putting it in writing so I can have an extra good laugh, or give myself an extra hard pat on the back)

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